Technical services

We are ready to help you with advice about hardware and help you with questions concerning installation and products.

Technical services

Need working hardware quickly? We assemble and test your setup to decrease the chance of malfunctions and give your customer a head start. Contact your account manager to start using our technical services.

Assembly and DOA test

Unburden by taking work off your plate.

Delivering a project can be time consuming for resellers. Not only do you need to think of the suitable hardware for your project, but also things like software and planning. We understand this and can take a part of the work off your plate. We perform assembly and DOA tests on systems. With this service, you receive a checked configuration while saving time.

Quality Control

Checks on quality

Through years and years of experience, our QC department has detailed technical knowledge of many brands and product groups. Our incoming shipments are checked and assessed on many levels for quality.