Logistic Services

Due to our 20 years of experience in logistics, we can support you with dropshipping, warehousing and logistics.

Logistic Services

Rapid delivery and a reliable logistical process are important to a European distributor and her customers. In our modern warehouse this process is mostly automated. By scanning all inbound and outbound flows we maintain maximum control over products and shipments.

Because of clear agreements with our transporters, we deliver shipments in the Netherlands within 24 hours and 48 hours in the rest of Europe.

Dropshipping with your logo

Quick but diligent

We conduct dropshipments throughout Europe. When needed, we provide the (digital) packaging slip with your own logo and company details to drop shipments. This increases the professional appeal of your company and saves time and money on handling. Shipments are packed in blank boxes with blank tape and delivered with your details on the packing slip. Placement of your logo on the packing slip is also possible.

Please contact your account manager to activate this service and send your company logo to your account manager.

Shipping with time frames

Everything on time

Do you wish your shipment to be delivered on a specific day, time frame or per express? We can send your shipment by courier at competitive pricing.

Dispatch notification

Always notified

At the moment the shipment leaves our warehouse, we will send an e-mail with the digital packaging note. This e-mail is sent to the person(s) you specified. We can set this up per shipping address. The digital packing note contains the following information about your shipment:

- The shipped product numbers, amounts and possibly serial numbers.
- Possible backorders with product numbers and amounts
- Shipment format: Number of collis / pallets
- The transporter that will be handling your shipment, possibly with track & trace link.