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Processing shipments professionally
As a European distributor, logistics is of essential importance. The logistics process in our distribution centre is largely automated. Both all incoming and outgoing products are checkd and scanned for optimal management of the products and shipments. Close cooperation with our transporters allows us to guarantee 24-hour delivery within the Netherlands and 48-hour delivery within the rest of Europe! We aim for the quickest way to process and ship your orders.


No space or later delivery date?
Want ot order but not want to get it shipped for example, you do not have the space for it? Or perhaps you have a project date that is too far into the future?  We will store your order free of charge for up to 1 month.

You are hereby guaranteed that:
  • Your ordered goods are ready and safely stored.
  • You do not have to synchronise the time of ordering with the timely delivery of your entire order.
  • You have a later invoice date, which is advantageous for your cash flow.

Do you need additional space, other than what you have ordered from us, to store your products? Would you like to temporarily store your ICT stock elsewhere and deliver your project in one go? Contact us to see what options are available.

Installation & DOA tests

We can do it for you
We understand that it requires a lot of time for you as a reseller to deliver projects. There is after all more to it than simply supplying a piece of hardware, though naturally also the software and all necessary planning. We can take part of this work upon ourselves. We carry out assembly and DOA tests of for example complete servers with RAID set-ups, switches and power management in 19 inch racks. Everything within 24 hours.

Shipping with time frames

Everything on time
Do you want to receive your shipment on a certain day, a certain part of the day or even immediately? We can ship your goods at low cost within a particular time frame or by courier!

Drop shipping

Across whole Europe
Logistic processes must be kept to a minimum. This will save you handling, storage and transport costs. Not to mention the fact that all activities increase the chance of transport damage.
We have years of experience with drop shipments throughout Europe. Shipments are packaged blank (universal boxes, blank tape) and dispatched complete with your data on the packing note. Placing your own logo on the packing note is also an option.

Dispatch notification

Always notified
We can send you an automated e-mail in which the packing note is digitally attached at the moment of dispatch. This includes all information about your shipment(s):
  • the quantity and type of products to be shipped.
  • the relevant serial numbers.
  • number of colli and pallets.
  • name of transporter.
  • Parceldetails and number(s).
Messages are sent to your contact person or persons. This can be tailored per shipping address.